WordPress is a very useful addition to your web hosting service. If you're not interested in learning about coding but still wish to edit your own website, I suggest you investigate using WordPress. Through its templates and pre-established formats, you will be able to easily make updates to your website without running the risk of making serious mistakes.

If you have ANY intention of doing your own site work with WordPress you should confirm that your hosting service supports WordPress before you establish your website with them. If they do, then you will be able to install WordPress at a later date if you choose. Otherwise, you'll have to move to a host who does support it and that can create a lot of additional work and expense which might easily have been avoided.

WordPress greatest strength is its usefulness as a blogging tool or to allow people to add comments to a particular webpage.

WordPress and GoDaddy

In spite of what you might have heard, WordPress WILL install into a GoDaddy Windows economy hosting service without hassle or expense. I know this is true because I have done it myself. It is, of course, available for a Linux hosting platform as well.

Drawbacks to WordPress

While WordPress does indeed make things much easier than dealing with the actual HTML code, I find its greatest drawback is its relative inflexibility. There are probably THOUSANDS of available templates available for your use but being complicated, they are very hard to modify unless you are profecient in HTML and PHP code. The design of many websites simply screams "Template" just from its overall look.

I personally feel that such a cookie-cutter format detracts from the image you might want to present for your website. And reasonable minds might very well differ with that assessment.

Having said that, I know of no technical reason why WordPress could not be effectively integrated into a more conventional ASP.Net-based site in order to use WordPress' blogging or commenting functions. In fact, I am currently designing a WordPress site which does exactly that. I am still somewhat conflicted regarding the appearance and utility of WordPress, but I am giving it an opportunity to show me what it can do.

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