Touchmark at the Ranch Pickleball Club

Pickleball Info

Due to the Coronavirus the pickleball program is inactive until further notice.

Weather Forecast for Touchmark Courts


This site is primarily for the use of Touchmark at the Ranch (Prescott, Arizona) residents, Touchmark Fitness Club members, Priority Reservation holders and their guests. Typically we play at the two Touchmark courts located in the development. Occasionally we will travel to pickleball courts in the local area in order to play against other individuals. This gives us practice against players with different abilities and styles of play.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that the weather may force the cancellation of a pickleball session, sometimes at the last minute. For safety reasons we cannot play when the courts are wet. And if the winds are too strong, it becomes very difficult to control our shots.

If you think there might be any last-minute changes (weather, high winds, etc.), you should check your email to see if a cancellation notice has been sent. Your pickleball staff will attempt to send out cancellation notices one hour prior to the scheduled session start time.

To check out the criteria that Touchmark uses to cancel sessions, please go to our FAQ page. If you wish to be placed on our email list to receive schedule change announcements as well as other items of interest to the Touchmark pickleball community, please use the Contact Us form. Don't worry - we will never spam you.

Pickleball Warmup Routine

It is suggested, in the interests of safety, that prior to each session you start with a specifically-designed warmup routine. This is to help your body prepare for the occasionally intense maneuvers that you often have to perform during pickleball drills and play. Please download a printout of the routine so you may become familiar with it.

Pickleball Warmup