Touchmark at the Ranch Pickleball Club

Court Rules

Pickleball Rules/Guidelines

Courts are intended for use by residents, priority reservation holders and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied at all times by resident/PR holder host while on courts.

Court users must comply with scheduled hours of operation; 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Required paperwork must be completed and reviewed by qualified staff prior to court use.

A safety orientation by qualified staff must be completed prior to court use.

To ensure a safe and fun experience for all users, kindness and respect must be practiced at all times.

Athletic or court shoes are required, open toed shoes prohibited.

Eye protection (eye glasses, sunglasses, goggles) is required while on the court.

Prior to use, scan court for tripping hazards and remove before using.

If courts are found to have safety issues, do not use and immediately notify Director of Health & Fitness.

Players are required to call "ball on court" when ball lands in neighboring court and to wait for the players to retrieve ball.

When crossing an active court, wait until the point is over and ask for permission to cross.

Courts are closed when wet and during hazardous weather.

For noise reduction purposes, paddles and balls must be approved by qualified staff prior to use. Paddles and balls are available on a check out basis for use while on property.

Thank you for enjoying the sports courts and managing appropriate sound levels and language for fellow neighbors.

Last updated July 2017

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