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Food allowance accounting
Residents' directories
Using meal coupons
Residents meetings
Grand Lodge ATM
Access to the Grand Lodge and HFC

Why does it seem that my food allowance deductions or what I think should be my remaining balance don't match the amounts shown on my meal receipts?

This one's a mild head-banger at first but if you look at the logic (yes - it's there) it makes perfect sense. When your food allowance is figured for the new month Touchmark adds an amount equal to the Prescott city and Yavapai county sales taxes (currently totaling 9.1%) to your allowance. The amount of the latter should be listed somewhere in your financial documents.

Each time you sign for a meal, the amount of the food is deducted from your meal account balance and the amount of the tax is subtracted from the tax account balance. I admit this all seems a bit unwieldy but that's why accountants employ computers. I have found that everything works out as it should.

How can I get a directory of current Touchmark residents?

Your best bet is to go to the Front Desk and ask for one. Because people are moving in all the time, it's hard to keep it updated so they will print you the most recent one on request. It will have color photos along with contact and other information so you may learn a bit about your neighbors.

Do I have to use my coupons for free or discounted dinners only at The Finn?

While the birthday dinner coupons and others that you may receive at Touchmark state they are for meals at The Finn, you can also use them at the Sterling Dining room. Please make sure that you notify your server about the coupon prior to asking for your charge slip. You will be asked to sign a separate charge slip for the meal to be billed to the Sales Department or the available discount will simply be applied to the appropriate meal item.

The birthday meal coupons are being phased out and instead there will be a group birthday dinner held in the Sterling Room one day each month for the individuals having a birthday that month. If you can't attend that dinner you will be given a coupon instead.

When are the residents' meetings held? There seem to be two meetings listed on the schedule.

The monthly calendar can be a little confusing on this subject. The trick is to look on the calendar for the "All Resident Meeting" which is usually scheduled for 9:00 AM on the first Friday of the month in the Mingus Mountain Forum (MMF). This is the public meeting to which we all are invited to attend.

There is another meeting on the schedule for about a week-and-a-half later which is listed as the "Resident Council Meeting". This is actually a meeting of the members of the Resident Council so they can plan, discuss issues and set the agenda in preparation for the next All Resident Meeting.

What can you tell me about the ATM in the lobby of the Grand Lodge?

Right now I don't know much about it or exactly where it will be installed. It is supposed to be operational by the end of January and transactions will cost about $3-4. More information should be available "soon."

What times will the door to the Grand Lodge and the lower door to the HFC be open?

The locking time for the Grand Lodge main entrance door has been changed to 7:30 PM. Your keycard will operate this door after hours.

The Health and Fitness Center stairway door will now be open during their regular business hours of: Monday-Friday = 6:00 AM–7:00 PM and Saturday = 8:00 AM–2:00 PM. You will not need a keycard for this door.

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