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Sterling Dining Room

Page last updated: 3/18/2019

Hours of Service

Breakfast: 7:30–9:30 AM
Dinner: 5:00–7:00 PM
Reservations: 928-708-3180 (Dinner reservations are strongly suggested)

Sterling Dining Room Menus

Menus for Sunday, March 17 - Saturday, March 23

Breakfast Menu

Dinner Menu

Dinner Reservations

Dinner reservations are strongly suggested so that the Staff can properly handle the meal service as our campus population grows. Standing reservations may be made but only for the current month in order to give everyone an equal chance for favorite tables or serving times. Please call 928-708-3180.

Alcohol Policy

You may bring alcohol into the Sterling Room and the adjoining Lynx Lake Lounge under the terms of the "BYOB" license exception. The other gathering areas of the Grand Lodge (Mingus Mountain Forum, Charley's Bistro, etc.) have received a Series 12 (Restaurant) license. Your personal alcohol cannot be brought into these areas. Please keep such alcohol in your vehicle, leave it at the Front Desk or ask the Front Desk to place it in one of the Lynx Lake Lounge lockers until such time as you can take it directly into the Sterling Room or the Lynx Lake Lounge.

Alcohol Guidelines

Menu Info

The available choices feature two daily specials listed on the right-hand side of the menu in addition to the "static" (always available) choices listed on the left-hand side. You should be aware that the daily specials and the entrées on the left-side include soup OR salad while the sandwiches on the left-side come with just one side dish.

If you don't like the vegetables that come with your dinner, you can swap them out for the ones listed for another dish on the menu that night.

The Finn Meal Coupons

While the birthday dinner coupons and others that you may receive at Touchmark state they are for meals at The Finn, you can also use them at the Sterling Room. Please see the FAQ page for additional information.


Please do not tip at the Sterling Room. Additional compensation for the servers and appropriate staff is already included in the menu price.

Breakfast Burrito

These burritos are custom-made to your specifications and are NOT pre-stuffed and waiting for your order. You can also ask that one of the available sides (bacon, sausage, etc.) be included in your burrito. If you're in the mood for extra spicy, ask for green chilies on the side. Feel the burn!

Breakfast Sides

If you find the default number of sides (ex. for bacon slices it's one) are not enough to keep you from starving, feel free to ask for more when you order. Reasonably enough, the Staff is trying to minimize waste so, just like being in the Service, make sure to "Take all you want but eat all you take." Somewhat confusingly, the default number of eggs when you order "Egg of Choice" is TWO. If that's too many for you, just tell your server that you only want one egg.


The only specific rule of which I am aware is the prohibition against wearing a baseball cap while in the Sterling Room. Apparently this rule is in place in order to add a bit of class to our dining.

Please Note

This is a compilation of items I have run across regarding dining at the Sterling Room. Please Contact Us if any of these are incorrect or there are new ones we should all know about.

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