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Touchmark Videos

These short infomercials include video clips which were shot during a Touchmark pickleball session.

Video Notes
pickleball play Touchmark at The Ranch - Health & Fitness Club
pickleball play Touchmark at The Ranch - Lifestyle

Other Useful Info

These aren't videos but have some useful information for you.

Pickleball Strategy Guide - Coach Mo explains 10 different things you can do to lose a match. Then he goes on to provide more constructive information so you can make that point.

Instructional Videos (latest postings at the top)

There are some amazing shots here. Notice how the pros play a slow dink game which turns frantic when the occasion arises. Of course, these are clearly all young whipper-snappers just showing off their stuff. Contrast that to the way we play: smash 'em when you have the chance. Or, if you prefer, just smash 'em. We don't care if the shot goes into the net - we're still having fun!

Playing tip: Hit to the player who is stuck back at the baseline.

Playing tip: Learn to place your shots

Stop hitting those out balls

Timing and drills for the third shot drop

How to absorb a fast ball shot

A very exciting 68-shot rally

Glen Peterson's 5 Tips to Better Pickleball - A great short video showing some simple tips to making your game more productive and enjoyable.

6 videos you need to see to improve your dink game

Dinking 101: Five Steps to a Winning Dink
3 Secrets to Improve Your Dinking Strategy
Improve Your Dink Shot
Simple Tip the Pros Use to Stay in the Game
Slow Down the Game from Anywhere on the Court
Top Three Reasons You Should Slow the Game Down

Teamwork at the Nationals - Very interesting highlights from a Mens' Doubles Gold Medal match. Check out the teamwork exhibited by the pair in red shirts.

Pickleball Scoring Made Easy - This is a long but very detailed video about how score is kept during a pickleball game. If you're having trouble understanding this important aspect of play you will want to watch this video.

100 Pickleball Strategies - Jeff Shank - This is a most informative 1-hour video that is well-worth watching.

How to Get out of Trouble - ThirdShotSports - Geared for singles players but shows some nice stop-action ways to save the point.

Joe Baker Series - Pickleball Strategy - A very interesting series. There doesn't seem to be a #202 video and some of the videos have been retitled for clarity.

100 - Basic Strategy
101 - 10 Basic Tips
102 - Use of Power
201 - Dinking Strategy
301 - Rules of the Fast Game
302 - Misdirection Shots
303 - Drop Shots