Touchmark at the Ranch Pickleball Club


Touchmark Videos

These short infomercials include video clips which were shot during a Touchmark pickleball session.

Video Notes
pickleball play Touchmark at The Ranch - Health & Fitness Club
pickleball play Touchmark at The Ranch - Lifestyle

Instructional Videos

Teamwork at the Nationals - Very interesting highlights from a Mens' Doubles Gold Medal match. Check out their teamwork exhibited by the pair in red shirts.

Pickleball Scoring Made Easy - This is a long but very detailed video about how score is kept during a pickleball game. If you're having trouble understanding this important aspect of play you will want to watch this video.

100 Pickleball Strategies - Jeff Shank - This is a most informative 1-hour video that is well-worth watching.

How to Get out of Trouble - ThirdShotSports - Geared for singles players but shows some nice stop-action ways to save the point.

Joe Baker Series - Pickleball Strategy - A very interesting series. There doesn't seem to be a #202 video and some of the videos have been retitled for clarity.

100 - Basic Strategy
101 - 10 Basic Tips
102 - Use of Power
201 - Dinking Strategy
301 - Rules of the Fast Game
302 - Misdirection Shots
303 - Drop Shots